Featured Bands & Musicians

A small selection of photos from the book (click to enlarge):

The Toppers Showband (Frankie Smith, Tommy Moonan, Harry O'Reilly (author), Mickey Rooney, Paddy Toner, Johnny Milne, Tommy Leddy) The Carlton Orchestra, with Ella (Bannon) O'Malley (vocalist)
The Louis Smith Orchestra The Pat Jackson Orchestra
The Tigermen Showband, with Timmy Regan & Eamonn Campbell The Chancellors Showband (Frankie Smith, Tommy Leddy, Mickey Rooney, Harry O'Reilly (author), Tony Cassidy, Paddy Toner, Ernie McCarthy)
Barry Cluskey Group The Astoria Orchestra

Some more of the Drogheda showbands & orchestras featured in the book:

  • The Flying Carlton Orchestra
  • Joe Hal's Band
  • Pat Jackson Orchestra
  • The Gate Cinema Orchestra
  • The Astoria Orchestra
  • The Adelphi Orchestra
  • The Kay Martin Band
  • The Stephen McCann Orchestra
  • The Silver Seven
  • The Eldorado Showband
  • The Checkmates Showband
  • Dermot O'Brien & The Clubmen
  • The Mountaineers
  • The Cyril Jolley Trio
  • The Denver Showband
  • The Jim Carton Group
  • The Cotton Mill Boys
  • The Martin Showband
  • The Heartbeats
  • The Roadrunners
  • The Trolls
  • The Toppers Showband
  • The Chancellors Showband
  • The Louis Smith Orchestra
  • The Bee Vee Five
  • The Delta Boys Showband
  • The Dubliners
  • The Cluskey Hopkins Guinness Jazz Group
  • The Tigermen Showband
  • The Jubilee Orchestra
  • The Chancellors Showband
  • The Underworld
  • The City Showband
  • The Barleycorn
  • The Prefects
  • The Sonna Boys
  • The Glenn Miller Legacy
  • The New Sound
  • The Lads
  • Again
  • The Carlton All Stars
  • The Drogheda Musical Society
  • The Ravens
  • The Arrows
  • Drogheda Brass & Reed Band
  • The Comet Tones
  • The Marksmen
  • Tracks
  • Reunion
  • The Pantomime Orchestra
  • Zounds
  • The Munster Family Accordian Band – 1936
  • The City Showband
  • Swiss Trio
  • Redwood
  • The Square Penny
  • The Blue Beats
  • El Companeros
  • The Boston Showband